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5 Reasons why you need a Rear Load Liner or Mat

Posted in Products | October 10th 2019

load liner

Our van rear mats and liners provide protection from everyday dirt, spills and wear and tear, prolonging the life of your vehicles load space. Heres 5 reasons why our load liners are the best protection for you!

1.Their Durability

The rubber rear load liners and mats come in an industry proven super-duty 3mm or 5mm thickness, this is down to your preference depending on how much use your load space gets. During the manufacturing process they are cut using a CNC cutting table which proves their durability as this machinery is used for tough materials such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastics and glass. All rear liners and mats are made to an OE quality.

2. Tailored Fit

Load Liner tailored fitAs previously said, all rear load liners are cut using a CNC cutting table, so they are the exact shape of your load area. They fit into each curve and corner of your load space precisely, this makes them look as though they are part of the load space. Due to the material the liners do also lie completely flat so no need to worry about corners turning up over time.

3. Material Benefits

The strong rubber material means they are completely water-resistant, they also feature an anti-slip backing to prevent unwanted movement while you’re driving so all your materials, tools, luggage and any other load space contents will not get damaged and will stay organised.

4. Available Coloured Trim

Some variations of our load liners are available to come with a coloured trim, you can choose from 16 different colours. The coloured trim ensures your load space stands out and looks stylish!

coloured trim for load liners5. Multi-purpose

These load liners and mats are suitable for daily drivers and work vehicles, don’t worry if you use your vehicle for everyday use, they won’t look too heavy! The purpose of them is to protect your load space from any spills or dirt so whether you are carrying tools and materials or dogs and shopping one of our load liners or mats will be perfect for you.

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