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5 Unusual VW Bus Conversions

Posted in Articles | February 19th 2019

When it comes to weird and wacky van conversions, the VW Bus (or camper) is one of the most widely modified. From being turned into a fully functioning living space (the more practical approach) to realising a back to the future dream with all the modern technologies. We're taking a look at 5 of the most unusual and interesting, but somewhat cool, conversions.


The Wackiest Conversion

In true countdown conversion style, we're starting off with what we'd consider to be the wackiest of all conversions we found. The sideways VW Camper. Yes, you read that right, it's a complete hippy machine with a twist, it drives on its side! Someone hasn't simply pushed it over, it's actually been fitted with a car inside, meaning it can drive in this orientation only. This crazy creation was realised by Mechanic Jeff Bloch. 


The 'Practical' Conversion

This one is both cool and practical. The snowmobile VW Camper is a fully functioning snow machine, that doubles up as a DJ Booth! The 1966 Bulli T1 has rubber snow tracks instead of wheels, and features a full DJ deck and sound system inside, for outdoor snow parties - can we be invited? This conversion was done by Austrian promotions company BB Support by combining a VW Camper with a 1960s Bombardier B01 Spurgerät snow machine.



The Stretched Conversion

Have you ever seen a limousine camper bus before? Well you have now. This is one of those totally unnecessary but totally worthy conversions, that we happen to think is pretty cool. It functions as a fully working limo, with long bench seats, drink storing options and lighting - it also has an open skylight roof! 


The Futuristic Conversion

Back to the future fans rejoice, there's now a completely stylised camper bus for you. You will of course have to fork out a hefty $89,995 if you want it though! This 1967 VW bus looks brand new inside and out, with gull-wing doors at the front and a mini cinema screen in the back. There's even a time machine mounted to the dash and a 'fully working' flux capacitor for the serious movie buffs among us. Custom-built by Brian Wallin.



The Energy-Saving Conversion

The most practical, or liveable, of all the conversions we've mentioned is this VW bus fitted with a giant tilting solar panel that turns into a sleeping loft. The panel can adjust to a maximum 40-degree angle and takes approximatelya full day to charge fully - this charge then only produces a range of around 15-20 miles of driving. Maybe it's not so practical after all! This was realised by solar vehicle builder Brett Belen.


That's our roundup of our top VW bus conversions. We happen to think the sideways van is the wackiest, but which do you think?! Would you own any?