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Guide: Choosing Van Mats

Posted in Guides | June 27th 2019

Protecting your van is important, especially when it's your workplace. A great way to stop excessive wear is to install van mats but, with so many different types, it can be difficult to know which to choose. We've put this guide together to help.

Tailored Vs. Universal

Is it worth paying more for tailored van mats over universal fit? In a word; yes. Here's why:

1. Look Better

Universal mats often look poor because they're made with materials that can be easily mass produced. In comparison, our van mats are available in multiple materials including automotive-grade carpet & rubber. You can also create custom van mats to suit your vehicle with a choice of colour and trim.

2. Fit Better

Tailored van mats are made to OEM templates which means they're designed to fit. Unlike universal mats, they will also protect the entire foot well and, as they're tailored to fit around all of the panels and trims, they won't move around as much - this is safer and prevents the mat from wearing out quickly!

Where applicable, our van mats also come with fixings to match the manufacturer. These help secure the mat to the floor improving safety.

3. Last Longer

As they're made from automotive grade materials like carpet and heavy-duty rubber, our tailored van mats last longer than the universal alternative. With stitched edges and double thickness heal pads where applicable, they are better able to cope with daily wear and tear!


Choosing Your Template

When choosing your tailored van mats, selecting the correct template is very important. Because of the vast range of different seating configurations, wheelbases and gearbox options, there can be multiple templates for each vehicle and you need to pay close attention to the detail.

When selecting, look for any notes that indicate fitment details. At Van Demon, we note this on every listing to make sure you get the correct set but always feel free to get in touch if you're unsure.


Choosing Your Material

Generally, van mats are available in carpet or rubber. As a rule of thumb, carpet mats are better suited to light use and rubber to heavy-duty or all-weather uses. When selecting a material, it's also worth checking the thickness of the material - many low-cost tailored mats on eBay use low quality materials to reduce the price. Ideally, you don't want to go below 650g with carpet or 3mm rubber.

At Van Demon, our mats are available in 4 materials - carpet, premium carpet, rubber and heavy-duty rubber. Here's our recommended uses for each mat type:

- Carpet - suited for light use like campers or day vans

- Premium Carpet - great for those who want a premium feel

- Rubber - Better for vans that see a lot of muddy work boots

- Heavy-Duty Rubber - the ultimate rubber van mat. Perfect for heavy use!