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Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Posted in Guides | December 12th 2019

As Christmas draws closer, we’re sure some of you are starting to panic about all the Christmas presents you still need to buy. Well, we have you covered; if your buying for the van lovers in your life don’t worry because here is our Christmas Gift Guide 2019!

The Everyday Van Driver

Floor Mats and Rear Load Liners

A set of floor mats or a rear load liner would be the perfect gift for anyone with a van but especially for someone who uses their van day in day out. They are ideal because they provide complete protection from everyday dirt, spills and wear and tear, while prolonging the life of your vehicle's interior. Our floor mats and liners are available in rubber or carpet with a choice of coloured trim, and they are all precision-cut to fit perfectly in any van footwell or load area.  

Seat Covers

All of our seat covers are a tailored fit and allow for all seat functionality, they are also 100% waterproof and are machine washable. So, why not get your loved one a practical Christmas present that will last? They are available in a range of different colours making this is a great gift for any van driver because you can slightly personalise the seat covers suit them.

Bonnet Bra or Bonnet GuardBonnet Bra

We know receiving a Bonnet Guard or Bonnet Bra for Christmas may not be an exciting present, but any van lover will appreciate having either of these fitted to their van in the long run. Both products protect the van bonnet from stone chips or road debris; the Bonnet Guards also protect a van’s windscreen due to their upturned ends. They really are an excellent practical and exterior styling accessory.

The Style Conscious Driver

For many van owners, their van is their pride and joy and they love adding different styling accessories to really make it stand out. If you know someone who is obsessed with adding style to their van, then any product from this section will be perfect for them!

Chrome Accessories

We have such a large range of chrome styling accessories available for most vans; we have chrome handle covers, mirror covers, grille covers, sill covers and much more! All Chrome products are manufactured from high quality polished stainless steel and they are available in Chrome, Dark Chrome and Brushed finish Chrome. They are easy to fit and will instantly upgrade the look of any van!

Body Styling Kits and SpoilersBody styling kits

We know that some of these products may be out of some people’s price range for a Christmas gift but if you are looking to spend a little more on a loved one, a body styling kit or spoiler is the perfect gift! We have grilles, splitters, spoilers and bumpers available to give any van a distinctive appearance, they are of top quality and most are supplied primed so they can be painted to match the colour of the van.

Side Bars or Steps

You can’t go wrong with a set of stylish sidebars or steps as a gift to a van lover, they are a styling essential! We have several different styles and materials of sidebars and steps to match almost any vehicle’s exterior.  As well as them being a great styling accessory they also protect the side of vans from everyday dings and dents, what more could you want?

Wolfrace Alloys


Wolfrace alloys are of the best quality and they are the number one alloy wheel brand for commercial alloy wheels. Their alloy wheels really are the finishing touch to any van with different styles available to instantly transform your vehicle!

The Heavy Load Worker

Roof RacksVan Guard

Roof racks or roof bars are an easy way to get more from any van, they help workmen carry heavy loads on the roof of their van. If one of your loved ones struggles to carry their equipment in their load area, a set of roof bars or a roof rack is the perfect present for them!

We have two major brands available, Rhino Products or Van Guard accessories. They offer roof racks or roof bars available in sets of 2, 3 or 5 depending on the vehicle, with amazing load capacities.

Rear Door Ladders

If you know anyone who struggles loading and unloading equipment and materials onto the roof of their van a rear door ladder is perfect for them. It’ll aid access to any vans roof, especially larger vans like the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter.

Rear Steps

We have different rear steps available from Rhino Products. Rear steps are beneficial for numerous reasons depending on which one you get, they can protect your van from bumps and scrapes when parking, enable safe attaching of a trailer and they can be used as a step to get in and out of any van.

Pipe Tubes

During the winter it is really important that workmen keep their materials safe and if they don’t have enough space in their load area, they will require a pipe tube to prevent them from getting damaged. All our pipe tubes are universal, they are available in 2m or 3m lengths and they are lockable for security.

The Champion DetailerAuto Finesse

It’s great to buy all these amazing, stylish products for a van but they won’t look too great if a van is in desperate need of a clean. We have two top quality brands available who both take pride in creating outstanding cleaning products for vehicles, Autoglym and Auto Finesse. Their products will leave any van sparkling, we’d recommend the Autoglym Bodywork Protection Kit or the Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam for Christmas gifts.  

Van Life

Many people around the world have started to convert their vans for them to live in, we have a range of conversion products available. Converting a van can often be a long process with buying and fitting the products and parts, so giving a conversion product as a gift for Christmas can be really helpful.

Curtains or Thermal ScreensThermal Screens

An obvious product needed for people converting their vans ready for van life is curtains or thermal screens. Our curtains are available in a blackout material for all windows and they are tailored to the specific dimensions of a van’s window. The thermal screens are great for keeping any van warm in the winter and cool in the summer they also deliver complete blackout to outside light.


We hope this Christmas Gift Guide helps you find the perfect present for the van lover in your life, we could definitely build up a wish list of our own from this guide!