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Achieve your Dream VW Transporter on any Budget

Posted in Guides | January 21st 2020

Are you trying to personalise your VW Transporter to make it stand out from the rest? Well, we have all the styling products you’ll need to achieve your dream Transporter, whether you're able to spend a little more or if you’re on a tight budget. So, here is our guide to getting your dream VW Transporter T5 or T6 on any budget…

VW Transporter T5


Chrome Exterior Styling

Chrome products are a cheaper, quick and easy way to instantly add style to your T5; the prices for our chrome products range from £17.99-£47.69 making them affordable. We have chrome handle covers, light covers, grille covers, and sill covers available, just use the vehicle selector to find all chrome products for the T5.

All our chrome products stick over your existing van parts using a strong 3M that will keep them in place for years! For the T5 we also have two types of chrome available, we have regular chrome and dark chrome; the dark chrome is a unique styling alternative which is sure to make heads turn.

Bonnet Bra / Bonnet Guard

Fitting a bonnet bra or bonnet guard to your vehicle is perfect because it provides you with the perfect exterior styling product, while protecting your bonnet from stones chips and road debris.

We offer two bonnet bras for the Transporter T5: a half bonnet bra and a full bonnet bra depending on the look you want. They are both made from hard-wearing vinyl and are fleece-lined to protect the surface of your van further.

Our bonnet guard for the T5 looks great fitted to your Transporter and offers a great contrast in colour to any T5 that isn’t black, due to its dark black finish. While protecting your bonnet and windscreen it gives your Transporter a sleek and stylish look.

Rear Spoiler

Give you Transporter a sporty finish with our Rear Spoiler that will instantly enhance the rear of your vehicle!

All our rear spoilers are supplied in a primed finish, ready for painting to match your vehicle exactly. Made from a durable PU and manufactured to OEM standards it will give you a perfect fit for below £100.


For the T5 we offer two grilles; the Sportline Style Front Grille and the Badgeless Front Grille and either will give your Transporter an effortless sporty finish and will look great if you have a rear spoiler fitted too! They are both made from a durable ABS and finished in a glossy black finish with chrome styling strips to ensure your van stands out from the crowd.


Another body styling product you can add to your T5 is a Sportline Style Front Bumper Splitter, which instantly enhances your vehicles appearance. Add a front bumper too for extra sport style! This product is manufactured to OEM standards, made from a durable ABS plastic that is tough and flexible.

Roof Rails and Cross Bars

We have a great range of roof rails and crossbars available for the VW Transporter T5, which range from only £56.99- £85.49, depending on the style and the wheelbase of your vehicle. The different styles we have available are black, polished or aluminium roof bars and black or aluminium crossbars or bold bars; use the vehicle selector and find the perfect roof rails for you.  

Roof rails and crossbars are the perfect budget alternative to some of our other roof rack systems like Rhino or Van Guard products. Roof rails offer a sleeker, discreet design which upgrade the appearance of your vam whilst carrying heavy loads.


Side Bars and Steps

Add some sidebars or steps to your VW Transporter T5 to match the colour of your vehicle’s other accessories for an amazing stylish upgrade! We offer sidebars and sidesteps, and they are available in a black, aluminium or polished finish and they range from £91.99-£136.00 depending on the style and wheelbase of your vehicle.

Sidebars or steps are a versatile product as they are a superb van styling accessory, but they also protect the side of your van from everyday dings and dents.


If your VW Transporter is currently a panel van, add some windows to give it a new look. We have fixed or opening windows available in dark tint or clear for the side and rear of your T5.  Our range of windows range from £55.00-£315.00 depending on which window or window bundle you choose.

Front Bumper

The Sportline Style Primed Front Bumper for the T5 is supplied primed and will require painting to match your vehicle. It is sure to give your VW Transporter serious kerb appeal! To give your Transporter the perfect sporty look, also add the rear spoiler, splitter and grille which will give everyone van envy.

VW Transporter T6


Bonnet Guard

This bonnet guard is the same as the T5 bonnet guard but is tailored to fit the modifications of the T6. It is made from a tough acrylic with a dark black finish to give your T6 a sleek look. It can be fitted in minutes using the fixing clips that fit to the underside of your bonnet, so no drilling is required. Make your van look stylish whilst protecting your windscreen and bonnet from stone chips, bugs and road debris.

Chrome Exterior Styling

The same as the T5 chrome styling products, we have them available in dark chrome and chrome, but we also have brushed chrome available for an alternative look. For the T6 you can instantly upgrade the appearance of your van by adding handle covers, sill covers, grille covers, mirror covers and more! All our chrome products are easy to fit with the 3M tape, so your Transporter will keep its style for years to come and they are completely affordable as they range from £17.99-£44.99.

Roof Rails and Cross Bars

Roof Rails and Cross Bars are perfect for any style-conscious van driver because they help you carry heavy loads whilst upgrading the look of your Transporter T6. For the T6 these range from £56.99-£85.49 depending on whether you get a black or aluminium finish. We offer two sets of crossbars, load-bearing lockable crossbars or the low-profile standard crossbars.

Grille Trim

If you are on a tighter budget to achieve your dream van, we have the cheaper alternative to a full grille which are our red front grille trim or the red front lower grille trim. These products are perfect or any van makeover and will certainly make your van stand out due it’s red colour and they are no more than £30.00 for each.


Side Bars and Steps

The sidebars or steps we offer for the T6 are the perfect exterior styling product for any van whilst being practical. We offer black and polished sidebars that are made from a tough steel and aluminium side steps that are manufactured from durable aluminium and range from £91.99-£145.00. So, you can transform the look of your Transporter without paying manufacturer prices!

Body Styling, Kits and Spoilers

For the T6 we have a range of body styling kits available that will transform the look of your T6 and make your van a unique look. We have a rear spoiler, front splitters, front bumper and a range of different grilles ranging from £59.99- £349.99 if you purchase a bundle.


All our windows are exceptionally bonded for an easy fitting process for any van conversion. Whether you’re looking for side windows, rear-quarter side windows or rear windows we have them available in dark tint or clear to match your vehicle’s look. The T6 windows range from £55.00-£140.00 or £315.00 if you purchase a window bundle.

We hope this helps you create your dream Transporter, if you need any help with our products or want to show off your van to us message us on our Facebook Page.