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Winter Road Accidents - Replacement Parts

Posted in Guides | December 3rd 2019

Driving in the severe winter weather conditions is dangerous and challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Make sure throughout the winter you take your time when driving and concentrate solely on the road to keep yourself and other motorists safe!

You are 20% more likely to be in a car accident during the winter months (source: insurethebox), but why is this?

Main Causes for Winter Road Accidents

  • Ice on the roads and black ice- Ice is the main cause of road accidents in the winter because your tyres can’t grip the road properly causing them to slip. Many drivers also forget that their stopping distance should be 10 times larger than normal, so many accidents happen due to cars not leaving enough room in front of them.

  • Snow – Snow also causes your car to slip because your tyres struggle to grip to the snow and may lead to skidding or losing control.

  • Lack of visibility – If you’re driving in heavy snowfall it can be hard to see what is going on around you, which causes crashes every year. Before you set off for any journey, ensure your van is clear of snow and ice and you can see out of every window and all your mirrors are clear. When driving in snowfall, use your dipped headlights so other vehicles can see you and if your vision falls below 100m turn on your fog lights; but remember to switch them off when vision improves.

  • Poor Tyre Tread- In the winter you need to ensure your tyres are in good condition so they can grip the road, the recommended tyre tread for winter is 3mm. If you are driving a lot in the winter, getting some winter tyres is advised for extra safety.

  • Vehicles that aren’t clear of snow- This is a big cause of road accidents in the winter, if you don’t clear your vehicle’s roof of snow it may slide off whilst you are driving and fall onto your windscreen or onto the vehicle behind. This can easily cause a crash because visibility is lost, it is also against the law to drive with snow on your vehicle so make sure you scrape all snow off!

Van Demon’s Replacement products

We offer a range of different replacement parts for an array of different vehicles. It is important before winter to make sure your van is completely ready for the winter months with all lights and mirrors functioning properly. You never know when you might require replacement parts, whether it’s down to a road accident or the part just needs replacing.

Van Demon has the following replacements parts available:

Wing Mirror

Mirrors, Mirror Glass and Mirror Covers and Trims

In the winter you are four times more likely to damage your wing mirror because unfortunately, wing mirrors are often one of the first parts to get hit in a collision. With the drop-in temperatures it is vital you keep an eye on the mirror glass and casing to check for cracks and scratches before your visibility is restricted.

Our replacement mirrors range from electric to manual and folding to heated. They are also available in black, polished black, textured black, chrome or primed ready to paint yourself.

Of course, all our replacement parts are ‘E’ mark approved in accordance with European Quality Standards. All products are also tailored to your vehicle, so the mirror glass and covers will fit perfectly into your existing wing mirror.


Lighting and Mirror Indicators and Bulbs

In the winter it is so important that your van can be seen in the dark, fog and snowfall to prevent you from being involved in a road collision. It is a legal requirement to have correctly working lights that can be seen in all driving conditions, so make sure you regularly check all lights and indicators as over time they are more prone to break, scratch, degrade or become filmy. Your lights may even just need a clean, just ensure you can be seen on the roads.

All our lighting and mirror indicators and bulbs have been tried and tested and they have also been ‘E’ mark approved with EQS (European Quality Standards).  This also means that fitting is easy as they are made to standards for a direct replacement.

Door Seal

Door Seals

Once the temperature has dropped, we all need to leave 10 minutes earlier to de-ice our vehicles or to even try and pull our doors open. If you struggle to open your doors in the winter your door seals could be worn and need replacing.

Check each door seal on your vehicle and look for any tears where water can get in and then freeze preventing you from opening the door. If you see any tears in the seals, it is time to replace them!

All of our rubber door seals are manufactured from OEM standard rubber and are made to ISO 9001 quality standards, making them a durable and long-lasting product. All door seals are a direct replacement to the ones already fitted onto your vehicle as they are tailored to fit your specific vehicle.

To get your replacement parts, use the vehicle selector on our website to find the products suitable for your vehicle.