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Winter Essentials with Van Demon

Posted in Products | November 7th 2019

van driving in the snow

With winter coming up, us van drivers need to ensure we have all the essentials to get through the winter safely and as stress-free as possible. Anyone who uses their van to work in the winter knows the struggle of a dirty, wet van interior and trying to de-ice your van when you are rushing for work.

Well, we at Van Demon have put together a list of all the winter essentials you need for your van…

Thermal Screens

1. Thermal Screens

Custom thermal silver screens for your van are made to protect against extreme temperatures, allowing you to keep warm in the winter but also cool in the summer! They also prevent condensation from developing inside the vehicle. Crafted from a 7-layered aluminised PVC foil, these thermal screens provide great insulation as well as creating a blackout to external light. These thermal screens are perfect for any campervan conversions too!

These are fitted using suction cups, allowing these thermal silver screens to attach to your window with ease, making them a perfect substitute to curtains and requiring no technical installation.Rubber floor mat

2. Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are a must for any van drivers in the winter, whether you’re a worker wearing heavy boots or an everyday driver whose been on a dog walk. Our rubber mats come in a 3mm or 5mm thickness, they are very durable and easy to clean due to them being rubber. The rubber mats also feature an anti-slip backing so prevent them from sliding about when you are driving, this is perfect if you have wet or snowy shoes. All our floor mats are precision cut for a tailored fit in your footwell!Seat Covers

 3. Seat Covers

Our tailored van seat covers are made from a hard-wearing, 100% waterproof, 600 denier polyester material. They are ideal for protecting your seats from everyday spills and grime but are perfect in the winter to protect your seats from snow, water or dirt. Even better for winter as they are 100% waterproof and they are machine washable so they will last for years and years! They are available in black, grey or urban camo so are perfect to match or contrast your van’s colours. Fitting couldn’t be easier with the elasticated hems, our seat covers are compatible with any seat functions like adjusters, armrests, folding seats, and central work trays. Get yours HEREBonnet Bra

 4. Bonnet Bra

A bonnet bra is, of course, an all-year-round product, but they are especially needed in the winter because they protect your bonnet, so any black ice, stones or any road debris will be unable to dent or chip your bonnet! Bonnet bras are made from vinyl so they are very hard-wearing and our bonnet bras feature a fleece backing ensuring the paintwork on your bonnet doesn’t get damaged.

Fitting is easy with our fitting video, watch HERE

Van Guard Pipe Tube

 5. Pipe Tube

This one is for any workmen who have roof bars or a roof rack fitted to your van, a pipe tube is ideal for you! In the winter the last thing you need is any of your materials getting damaged so using a pipe tube will keep any wood or copper etc to stay covered up and in great condition. They are available in 2 or 3-metre lengths, our lockable van pipe tube carriers are universal fit and can be installed on most roof racks, we have Rhino or Van Guard pipe tubes available.

Get yourself these essentials and you’ll be set for those winter months!