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Van Theft and How you can Prevent it

Posted in Articles | November 15th 2019

How to prevent van theft

Over the last four years, van theft has risen by 45% across the UK according to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. A huge 32,056 vans have been stolen in the past 4 years (VCV)!

It has become easier for thieves to steal vans and the tools inside due to the increase in keyless entry technology, thieves can get into your van in a matter of minutes using a transmitter to trick the van into thinking the key is nearby.

Even if your van doesn’t have keyless entry technology, you are still at risk of your van and tools getting stolen.

In 2018, an online petition was started to get the Government to investigate what more can be done to tackle van theft and van tool theft. The hashtag #noVANber was created to raise awareness for this campaign, the campaign was started by @pbplumber who had his van broken into at 4 pm in daylight!

Another workman’s van got broken into outside his house which resulted in £600 worth of tools and materials being stolen. Unfortunately, the petition failed to get 100,000 signatures needed to take it to Parliament, but the campaign is being continued by tradesmen across the UK.

Us at Van Demon understand that most people’s vans are essential to many businesses across the UK so getting your van stolen will cause numerous issues and stress. But how can you minimise the chances of your van getting stolen or broken in to?

Tips for protecting your van and tools

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area or carpark with CCTV with your doors blocked by a wall or obstacle.
  • Fit intruder alarms in your van to deter thieves from your van.

Milenco lock

  • Fit extra door locks to the exterior of your van to discourage thieves, try our Milenco Van Door Lock.

  • Fit a Bulkhead so thieves can’t see what is in the rear of your vehicle.

  • Another visual deterrent you can add to your vehicle to discourage theft, this can be window grilles and blanks which prevent thieves from seeing into your vehicle.

Van Guard tool store

  • Keep your tools in a lockable tool storage box like our Van Guard tool store, so even if your van does get broken into your tools will be safe.

  • Fit your van with a tracker this will help the police hunt your van down if it does get stolen, it will also help with your insurance premium.  

Pipe tube

  • If you carry any pipes or valuable materials on your roof rack, using a lockable pipe-tube to store your materials will prevent materials from being stolen whilst keeping them in good condition.

  • Small CCTV cameras fitted to the exterior and interior of your van will help to catch the thieves and may deter them from your vehicle in the first place.

  • A simple sticker on the exterior of your van stating that there are no tools left in your vehicle is a quick and cheap way to try and deter thieves from your van.         

Putting some of these deterrents in place could be the difference between your van and tools getting stolen or not. Protect your van and yourself from unnecessary stress!