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VW T5 - The Rusty Edition

Posted in Articles | May 15th 2019

When you think of a VW T5, the first thing that most likely pops into your head is a shiny, ultra-modern looking van in one of the several standardised colours. Well, that's exactly what pulled up at Van Demon HQ a few weeks ago, alongside a less-than-familiar version of a T5. Introducing the purposeful 'Rusty Transporter'...

Now this is definitely going to be a marmite van; you're either going to love it or loathe it. We happen to think it's pretty cool, the owner John has gone all out and really committed to the concept and for that we think it works! From the completely rusty exterior, to the unfinished rusty interior door sills and surrounds, the paint effect used really does look (and feel) like it's actually rusted.

The exterior also features contrasting red alloys, roped grill wrap, seriously rusted side bars, a roof rack with an almost nautical feel of ropes and metal and a front vinyl 'Shred Till You're Dead' design that is definitely not understated. The interior continues the theme well with a rust effect dashboard, astroturf floor (pretty cool!), vans waffle sole floor pedals, checkerboard panneling and the odd skateboard wheel thrown in...because why not?

If you're wanting to achieve this look yourself, get ready for several weeks of painting and sanding your van, panel by panel and layer by layer. This van took months to complete and the final picture is definitely one that is like no other. While the shape and overall shape remains that of the much-loved VW T5, the appearance is definitely not what you'd expect to see. 

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