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Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 2019 Facelift

Posted in News | November 16th 2019

VW Transporter 6.1

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VW Transporters are amongst the most popular vans, onto their sixth generation they have released their newest update Transporter 6.1! The van went on sale for pre-orders in September 2019 and Volkswagen have estimated the first deliveries to be in March 2020.

The Transporter was unveiled at an exclusive world premiere on 21 February 2019. Following this, it was first shown to the public at the world-renowned Geneva International Motor Show, from 7–17 March 2019.

We love everything this Transporter 6.1 Facelift has to offer, Volkswagen is calling it the ‘most digitalised, connected model yet’. But what does the new T6.1 have to offer?

What’s New?

Firstly, the front end has had a new design which makes it instantly look more modern and trendy. Looking at the front, you can see the front grille has been changed to provide one large air intake and this is because of the vehicle’s new cooling and breathing requirements. There has been extra touches of chrome added to the front end surrounding the grille which certainly adds extra style.

The lighting on the front and rear has had an update, the headlights are noticeably thinner with a new design for the LED daytime running lights. The rear LED taillights have also been given a new design, it has been said that these stylish lighting features won’t be available on every trim level.

To finish off the exterior styling upgrades the T6.1 features new-look alloy wheels and new colours available.

The dash of the new Transporter 6.1 has had a complete re-vamp giving the cab a premium finish. The dashboard includes more storage space with shelves and pockets staggered along and it is completely digital!

VW Transporter 6.1

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So, what in-van Tech is available?

The T6.1 has the latest generation of infotainment systems fitted. The touchscreen display is now available in two sizes: 8 inch or 9.2 inch and works a lot like a smartphone with apps available that can all be personalised on the home screen. The new infotainment system does also offer drivers wireless Apple Carplay which is still a very new feature for vehicles.

A huge tech-savvy feature available in the Transporter 6.1 is the integrated SIM card which opens up many on-line based functions and services for drivers. It has also introduced a speech voice control system which allows T6.1 customers to give the infotainment system instructions by saying ‘Hey Volkswagen’. Now, how great does that sound!

And the safety features of the T6.1?

Volkswagen has really pulled out all the stops with the T6.1 safety features, they have included an electromechanical power steering which causes the van to aid the driver’s steering in certain situations. This feature allows Trailer Assist system to be possible which allows drivers to use the electric mirror controller to point the van and trailer in the correct direction, once set the van does all the steering needed to get to your desired position.

The steering does also open up the chance for automatic parking which involves the car controlling the steering using cameras and sensors whilst the driver takes care of the pedals to get your van into any suitable space.

The new Transporter 6.1 also includes crosswind assist and lane-keeping assist. The crosswind assist helps your van stay stable when strong winds are attempting to push you off course, this is done through targeted braking once the system has detected the winds. So, the lane-keeping assist is perfect for safety on any motorway driving or long-distance journeys, it prevents the van from straying out of its lane using a camera or sensor.

VW Transporter 6.1

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Engine sizes available for the Transporter 6.1

You’ll be pleased to know the new Transporter does meet all the latest emissions regulations, the 2.0 litre TDI turbocharged diesel engine has been improved for the T6.1.

Volkswagen power output now ranges from 90hp to 199hp which is slightly different from the original T6 engine which ranged from 84hp and 204hp. Front-wheel drive is as standard, all engines use a manual gearbox apart from the 199hp which gets a DSG (direct-shift gearbox) and the 150hp engine has the option for the DSG. Both the 199hp and 150hp engines have the option of 4Motion four-wheel drive.

Will we see an Electric Transporter T6.1?

Volkswagen has revealed there will be an electric T6.1 that will be named e-Transporter, the partner firm building this will be ABT.  This is expected to be on sale early 2020 in the UK. However, there won’t be a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle version of the new Transporter like there is for the Ford Transit Custom.

Pricing for the VW Transporter 6.1 is yet to be confirmed but the panel van will start out at  £21,635.

We are thoroughly impressed by the VW Transporter 6.1 facelift and all its features. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page HERE!