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What is a bonnet Guard and why do you need one?

Posted in Products | October 18th 2019

What is a bonnet guard?

A bonnet guard is an acrylic cover that fits to the front of your bonnet, to protect your windscreen and bonnet from stone chips, bugs and road debris. They can also cover up any scratches or damage to the bonnet.

Our bonnet guards are manufactured from a tough and hard-wearing acrylic, they are supplied in a black acrylic. All bonnet guards are manufactured to the curves and contours of your bonnet providing a tailored fit for each specific vehicle model.

It is important to note that no bonnet guard will cause your paintwork to scratch or peel, as the bonnet guard does not sit flush to your bonnet and causes the airflow to be pushed up at a steeper slope over the top of your windscreen!

Bonnet Guard

How are they Fitted?

Fitting a bonnet guard is easy, there is no drilling required I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know! So, we have two different styles of bonnet guards that are fitted slightly differently, both fitting guides are below…

So, here is how you fit one style:

Bonnet Guard fitting instructions

Watch the fitting video for the other style of bonnet guard below or HERE!

Why do you need one?

Here at Van Demon we believe the main reason for fitting a bonnet guard is to protect your favourite vans bonnet from chips and scratches.

If you love vans as much as we do, we’re sure you’d want to keep your own bonnet looking brand new and scratch free!

Now why wouldn’t you want to protect your van from any unnecessary damage? Why not look at Van Demon’s range of bonnet guards. Just use the vehicle selector to find which bonnet guard is tailored to your vehicle!