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Transform your van with interior van trimming and carpet lining. Available in a variety of colours, our Veltrim van lining offers 4-way stretch for easier installation, and is a pliable trim that can be moulded to even the most awkward of shapes. Perfect for those tricky areas around the windows and wheel arches.

Our lining is made from 100% polypropylene fibre, which has a smooth 'velour' texture and a soft finish. It's also strong and very lightweight, meaning wear and tear will be minimal.

Our range also includes van insulation and the popular Trim Fix adhesive, a high temperature sprayable adhesive that’s ideal for any van conversion carpet.

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Part: VY65130
Was £83.30 + VAT
Now £74.99 + VAT
Part: VY65129
Was £41.65 + VAT
Now £39.99 + VAT
Part: VY23678
£8.33 + VAT
Part: VY23677
£8.33 + VAT
Part: VY65128
£8.33 + VAT
Part: VY23563
£8.33 + VAT
Part: VY23562
£8.33 + VAT
Part: VY23677#KIT1
£90.00 + VAT
Part: VY23677#KIT2
£52.49 + VAT
Part: VY65132
£100.00 + VAT
Part: VY65131
£58.33 + VAT
Part: VY23563#KIT1
£90.00 + VAT