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Auto Finesse Aqua Coat Rinse (1L)

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  • Auto Finesse Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse (1 Litre)
  • Adds a protective layer of SiO2 coating for enhanced water beading
  • Creates a long-lasting protective layer for up to 3 months
  • Simple to use, apply on a clean vehicle and rinse
  • Can be topped up to keep its hydrophobic characteristics
  Universal item, suitable for most vehicles.
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Auto Finesse Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse (1 Litre)

Auto Finesse Aqua Coat is a hydrophobic rinse aid, allowing it to repel water and leave a protective coating. It has been designed as an additional step in the detailing process, concentrating on repelling water and acheiving long-lasting results. It adds a protective layer of Si02 coating to exterior surfaces, maximising water beading.

Simple to use, simply apply to a clean and wet vehicle for a protective finish of up to 3 months. You can top up as necessary to enhance the hydrophobic effect.
  • Quickly creates a water repellent finish
  • Lasts up to 3 months for a brilliant shine
  • Can apply whilst vehicle is still wet
  1. Ensure that the vehicle has been washed and all traces of shampoo have been thoroughly rinsed off.
  2. Apply a light mist of Aqua Coat over a wet vehicle - be quick! aqua coat will cover most surfaces whilst being rinsed from the car, usually a light mist across the majority of the vehicle will equate to the entire vehicle being coated when the solution is rinsed from the vehicle.
  3. Rinse thoroughly from the top down ensuring all trances of Aqua Coat have been rinsed away.
  4. Dry with a microfibre towel straight away.

Do Not:
Do not Allow Aqua Coat to dry on the vehicle. Aqua Coat does not require curing time).
Apply to a hot car or in direct sunlight
Over apply the product

Q. Can you still polish wax or seal after using Aqua Coat?
A.Yes, but not immediately after application, as any polishing would remove the coating left by Aqua Coat.

Q: Does Aqua Coat protect against sun rays, bird droppings and salt?
A: Yes, Aqua Coat will provide you will all of the same protection elements that you would get from a wax or a sealant.

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