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Autoglym Clean Wheels (500ml)

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  • Super effective spray on, brush and wash off cleaner
  • Rapidly dissolves most contaminants from alloy, chromium, painted and plastic trimmed wheels
  • Balanced blend of acidic cleaners, non-ionic surfactant and metal attack inhibitor
  • Take special care to use this product carefully
  • Do not use on non standard or anodised wheel surfaces
  Universal item, suitable for most vehicles.
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Autoglym Clean Wheels (500ml)

Autoglym Clean Wheels is the best choice for cutting through brake dust and grime, resulting in that perfect finish. A powerful and fast acting formula, it removes heavy deposits in and around the wheel, this cleaner is safe to use on most alloy, painted or plastic wheel trims.

  • Removes brake dust and deposits
  • Spray bottle for easy application
  • Safe to use on most alloy, painted or plastic wheel trims

  1. Ensure your wheels are cool to the touch as working on hot wheels may result in damage.
  2. Working on one wheel at a time, apply the cleaner generously from the bottom up, fully coating the wheel surface.
  3. Use a wheel brush to agitate the cleaner, concentrating on any dirt trap areas and don’t forget the tyre wall.
  4. Rinse thoroughly, ensuring the product is fully removed before moving onto the next wheel.

Q: Does Clean Wheels contain acid?
A: Yes, there is acid in Autoglym Clean Wheels. If used according to the instructions it will not damage your wheels though. If you have a specialist wheel finish you may require Custom Wheel Cleaner.

Q: What types of wheel can I use Clean Wheels on?
A: Clean Wheels is suitable for lacquered alloy, painted and plastic finishes. If your wheels are a different finish, use Custom Wheel Cleaner instead.

Q: Is Clean Wheels safe to clean my tyres with?
A: Yes, Clean Wheels can be applied directly to the tyre wall and agitated with a brush to provide a clean finish. This is a great step to take before applying your tyre dressing. Ensure you thoroughly rinse the Clean Wheels away after use.

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