Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Kit

Product Code: VY26422
  • Durable real wax finish in half the time
  • Can be applied even when the car is wet
  • Contains carnauba wax for durable protection
  • Suitable for all paint types, rubber, plastic & glass
  • Complete kit includes 2x microfibre cloths
  Universal item, suitable for most vehicles.
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Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Kit

Rapid Aqua Wax from Autoglym, is designed to provide a stunning hard wax finish. Applied directly onto a wet vehicle after washing, it can be used to protect exterior surfaces, including paint, rubber, glass and plastic creating a long lasting shine to be proud of.

  • Contains Carnauba wax for a high gloss shine
  • No need to dry vehicle before application
  • Can be used on all exterior materials


  1. Wash the Vehicle with shampoo
  2. Shake and apply Rapid Aqua Wax to all exterior surfaces, excluding the windscreen
  3. Spread the Rapid Aqua Wax with the first micro fibre cloth, creating an even coating
  4. Buff to a shine with secondary cloth


Q: Is Rapid Aqua Wax a true wax or is it a polish and do you recommend it to be used between High Definition Wax treatments?

A: Rapid Aqua Wax is a wax and is not a polish. Aqua Wax contains carnauba wax and is perfect for use as a top up in between High Definition Wax applications.

Q: Can I use Rapid Aqua Wax on alloy wheels?
A: Yes, you can use Rapid Aqua Wax on alloy wheels.

Q: Can you use the Rapid Aqua Wax in conjunction with Super Resin Polish after you have washed and dried your car?

A: Yes, if a car has been polished with Super Resin Polish, the next time it is washed Rapid Aqua Wax can be applied as a top up wax to restore shine. Rapid Aqua Wax should always be applied to a damp car, so after washing is the perfect time to apply it.

Q: Will Aqua Wax remove Extra Gloss Protection?

A: No, Aqua Wax will not remove Extra Gloss Protection. The Aqua Wax will sit on top of any existing finish as a new layer.

Q: How do I wash my Rapid Aqua Wax cloths?

A: Wash the Rapid Aqua Wax microfibre towels in a washing machine on a low temperature using liquid, not powder, detergent and do not use fabric softener.

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