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Satin Black Fuel Cap Cover

Product Code: VY61417
  • Fuel Filler Cap Cover in Satin Black
  • Made from OEM quality ABS plastic
  • Produced to OEM standards for a perfect fit
  • Made to fit over your Ranger's fuel filler cap
  • Fits: Ford Ranger (2012- ).
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Fits: Ford Ranger (2012- ).

Fuel Filler Cap Cover in Satin Black

This Ford Ranger styling accessory will instantly upgrade the look of your vehicle. The satin black finish provides a dramatic enhancement to the look of your vehicle’s bodywork.

Our styling accessories are made from durable, ABS plastic, making them strong and corrosion resistant. Coated with a satin black finish, these accessories will keep your Ford Ranger stylish for years!

All our products are produced to OEM standards for a perfect fit. These accessories are designed to fit over your vehicle’s bodywork.

Fitting couldn’t be easier with the pre-applied 3M tape. This tape is designed to provide a strong, permanent bond, making sure your chrome accessories stay put.

  • Manufactured from ABS plastic for durability
  • Instantly upgrades the look of your Ford Ranger
  • Supplied with strong 3M tape for an easy fit
  1. Wash and clean the area you are working on using a product with degreasing properties (like washing up liquid).
  2. Once cleaned, make sure the area is completely dry before application.
  3. If working at temperatures below 15ºC make sure you use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the bodywork. The primer and adhesive works best above these temperatures and anything below can result in fitment failure.
  4. Test fit the product before application. Do not remove the backing tape at this stage.
  5. Once you're happy, apply the included primer to the bodywork and leave to dry for 5 minutes.
  6. When the primer has dried, remove the backing tape from the adhesive strips and fit the product to the bodywork.
  7. After applying the product, press firmly around the surface area. This will help make sure the adhesive is fully in contact with the surface.
  8. After application, make sure you leave the product to sit for at least 2 hours before driving.
  9. Do not exceed 40mph in the first 24 hours as full cure time times takes 72 hours.

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